I think an electric screwdriver is probably the first power tool most people own. It’s simple, lightweight, and does the jobs it’s designed for really well. The thing people have to remember is that electric screwdrivers are made for basically one thing – inserting and extracting screws. They’re great for hanging pictures, putting together shelves or entertainment units, computer desks, craft projects, small home repairs, and the list goes on. They’re typically small and versatile enough to travel anywhere with you around the house or jobsite, and they aren’t as heavy as drill/drivers so unless you actually need a drill, you can save yourself some user fatigue by sticking with a screwdriver. For a basic power tool that has hundreds of uses, check out the electric screwdrivers here and find your favorite.

Hitachi DB3DL2 Dual Position Cordless Screwdriver

Hitachi is a name that’s known by just about anyone who has bought a few power tools. Their tools are professional grade, but priced pretty comfortably for the everyday Joe Schmo. They make just about every power tool you can think of, and probably a few you may not know even exist. So of course, I had to check out at least one Hitachi product. The Hitachi DB3DL2 Lithium-Ion 3.6 Dual-Position Volt Cordless Screwdriver is one that I took a really good look at.

Black & Decker SmartSelect Screwdriver

What sets Black and Decker apart from most of the other big names is that their main focus is on the homeowner – the do it yourselfer. They actually started the first line of drills for consumers when, in 1946, they introduced the world’s first portable electric drill made specifically for consumers. Not ones to sit on their laurels, the company continued to be at the forefront of advancements in power tool technology, always striving to come up with the next best thing.